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What can be better than a gift of fine wine and magnificent flowers? All of the senses are delighted: the beauty of each blossom, the wine’s complex aromas, the floral fragrance, the tastes and textures of each sip, and then hearing those special words: I love you.


I couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with a local independent female-owned business, Francis Smith Flowers, for a special Valentine’s Day collaboration. The supremely talented owner, Philippa, creates marvellous seasonal bouquets from her studio in West London and also offers a subscription service.


We both share a love of flowers and wine, and were instantly inspired to create something unique for our customers that taps into the moods that certain wines, flowers, colours, and perfumes evoke in us. 


Below you will find our three different concepts: 


  • Classic Romance Bouquet paired with an exceptional Rosé Champagne

  • Passionate Wild Flowers with a beautifully seductive Barolo

  • Joyful Early-Spring Bouquet with a chic Chiaretto


Pre-Order by Tuesday 9th February to receive on Friday 12th of February, Bouquet & Wine deliveries available for all W- post codes in London, or

Available for collection on Saturday 13th February from 

October 26 Bakery, 153 Askew Rd, London W12 9AU

If you are outside of West London, you can still order the Valentine’s Day Wines here.


And you can find even more Valentine's Day inspirations here. 


Wine & Flower Combinations

The perfect Valentine's Day treat for the senses!

Gorgeous hand-tied bouquets by Francis Smith Flowers

paired with exquisite bottles from Mummy Wine Club delivered to your door by 12th February.

Deliveries in West London.