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Schuchmann, Saperavi 2019

On the nose this wine has complex aromas of ripe spicy fruit with hints of smoke and raspberry coulis. On the palate wild herbs, white pepper and a light wood spice.


Kakheti, Georgia


100% Saperavi



Producer Profile

German-born Burkhard Schuchmann founded his eponymous winery in 2008 after falling in love with Georgian wines and feeling compelled to share them on a global scale.To manage the company's wine production, Schuchmann sought out native Georgian Georgi Dakishvili, considered one of the best wine makers in the country.All their wines are produced in a clean modern European style that seeks after varietal purity. Inky coloured with aromas and flavours of fresh red and black fruit and hints of spice. A nice underpinning of acidity and well integrated tannins round out this excellent food wine.

Grape Profile

Saperavi is one of only a handful of grapes worldwide with highly pigmented red flesh as well as skins; the name translates as ‘to dye’.

Region Profile

The climate in Kakheti is moderate, with a similar average annual rainfall and heat summation to that of southern France. The nutrient-poor soils here are something of a trademark for Caucasian viticulture; their discovery saw the early Georgian vignerons (as far back as 6000 BC) stumble across near-perfect terroir millennia before the concept of terroir was formalized and given a name. A particular kind of soil, called 'cinnamonic', is found in Kakheti's key wine-growing zones. This typically comprises sandy, reddish-colored, calcareous clays. The soil's color is the result of its high iron content, which also serves to bring depth of flavor and rustic, earthy notes to the local wines.


Schuchmann’s vineyards are located in the Napareuli, Kisiskhevi, and Shilda areas of Georgia’s eastern Kakheti region. Their 120 hectares of land are rich with dark, fertile soils planted as early as 1986. Two thirds of their land are used for Saperavi, which has a deep color tannins and dark fruit notes. Another 9 hectares is allotted to Rkatsiteli, their main white wine; this variety is a young, fresh style.


Made in a modern style, fermented in stainless steel tanks (as opposed to traditional qvevri) with temperature control.

Suggested Food:

Grilled lamb, Beef stew, Roasted Vegetables, Cheese & charcuterie platter, Stuffed Peppers, Pizza

Try it with:

Georgian Lamb Stew: Chanaki

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