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Devaux, Grande Reserve NV

The wine has a lovely Pinot Noir richness on the nose, with aromas of baked apples and vanilla. On the palate, it is full, rounded and well balanced, with a lively, persistent finish.


Bar-sur-Seine, Champagne, France


69% Pinot Noir , 31% Chardonnay



Producer Profile

Founded in 1846 by the brothers Jules and Auguste Devaux, today Devaux is owned by the Union Auboise, a co-operative in the Côte des Bar – the heartland of Pinot Noir in Champagne. Physically closer to Chablis than Reims or Épernay, the vines grow on Burgundian soils of Kimmeridgian marl and Portlandian limestone. Chef de Cave since 1999, Michel Parisot was named the ‘Sparkling Winemaker of the Year’ at the 2020 International Wine Challenge – an achievement that is testament to Michel’s pioneering approach to winemaking.

Grape Profile

Pinot Noir is a black-skinned grape that produces white juice. It gives aromas of red fruit and brings structure and power to a blend. It is the dominant grape in the Montagne de Reims and the Côte des Bar, the terroir of the latter helps to bring added roundness and delicacy. At DEVAUX, we consider the Pinot noir from the Côte des Bar to be the backbone of our Champagnes. Chardonnay is a white grape variety. It is present principally in the Côte des Blancs and in Montgueux. It provides finesse, as well as delicate floral and citrus aromas. Our Cellar Master uses Chardonnay in most of his blends to add freshness, complexity and length.

Region Profile

Devaux are Pinot Noir specialists. The majority of their vineyards are located in the Aube where Pinot Noir is the dominant variety. This location, on the slopes of the Côte des Bars, is important; it gives this variety a lovely Pinot Noir richness on the nose and a long finish, yet retains the finesse. Some Chardonnay is included in the blend; this is also grown in the Côte des Bar, with a proportion from the fine chalky soils of the Côte des Blancs to give liveliness and elegance. The high quality of the fruit from these vineyards ensure that the final dosage is low.


All year long, our partner-growers - engaged in sustainable viticulture - give their best to obtain the highest quality grapes at harvest.
At DEVAUX, in order to perfect our work in the vineyards, we formulated – with the help of ourvineyard managers – a new and unique approach to viticulture, a key consideration in our long-term vision.
This approach requires each grower to voluntarily follow a strict set of rules that go over-and-above the (already demanding) requirements set by the Appellation system.


The base wine was fermented in stainless steel, followed by malolactic fermentation to give extra suppleness. The blending of wines from different vineyards and from different harvests ensures the consistency of the NV Grande Reserve. The blend comprises 20% reserve wines, half of which are aged in French oak vats. Following bottling, the liqueur de tirage was added and the wine underwent a slow second fermentation in bottle and extended ageing on its lees for 36 months (the legal minimum is 15 months). This resulted in a wine with a finer, more persistent mousse and greater potential for complexity. After disgorgement, the wine received a light Brut dosage of 9g/l.

Suggested Food:

Seared scallops, goat cheese salad, cheese platter, sushi

Try it with:

Warm salad of scallops & bacon

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