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Atlantis Rosé 2021

A light body rosé with soft red fruit, searing freshness and off-dry finish perfect partner spicy curries and aromatic dishes.


Madeira, Portugal


Tinta Negra



Producer Profile

With 30 years of existence - 1992-2022- Atlantis is the first table wine produced and bottled in Madeira and represents the freshness of the Atlantic and the beauty of the Island where this nectar is produced.
The name Atlantis was inspired in a legendary lost Island subcontinente in the Atlantic Ocean, often idealized as an advanced society holding wisdom that could bring world peace.
This winning project by Madeira Wine Company reflects the vision and pioneirism of the Company even when the general opinion at the time was that the natural conditions of the Island wouldn’t permit the production of quality table wines.
The Atlantis was crafted by Francisco Albuquerque, the award-winning winemaker of Madeira Wine Company, three times considered the best fortified winemaker in the world.

Grape Profile

Tinta Negra Mole is a red Portuguese wine grape commonly used in the production of Madeira. It is the most widely planted variety on the Madeira islands and is considered the industry's "workhorse grape".

Region Profile

Madeira is a Portuguese-owned archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, 600 miles (970km) southwest of Lisbon and 450 miles due west of the north African coast. It gives its name to one of the world's great fortified wines. Both the wine and the island hold unique places in the history of wine.


This wine comes from the volcanic island of Madeira. The agricultural land is characterised by very sharp slopes which have generally been made into terraces known as “poios”. The grapes had a strong influence from the sun, wind and sea breeze, producing wines with a balanced acidity.


The grapes were carefully selected, destemmed and cooled to 14ºC. The must macerated with skins for 24h in stainless steel vats at a controlled temperature of 18ºC. Following separation of the skins, the fermentation got under way at a controlled temperature of 18ºC. The process took 12 wine that ends elegant and very persistent

Suggested Local Foods:

Bolo de Caco with Garlic, Prego, Lapas, Grilled Espada, Grilled Tuna, Espada with Banana and Maracuja, Passion Fruit Cheesecake

Try it with:

Madeira-Style Tuna Steaks

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