Grape Variety: Mtsvane 100%

Region: Kakheti, Georgia

Vintage: 2014

Production: 9,500 bottles

ABV: 13.0%


Produced from old vines from high altitude vineyards (600 – 800m above sea level)


Gentle pressing of destemmed and crushed grapes in qvevri

Fermentation (with 100% of skin), without temperature control, with daily pigeage

and and extended (2-3 weeks) maceration in qvevris at 16-25 °C . Following the completion of fermentation, qvevris are hermetically closed for 6 month. After taking wine from Qvevri it rests before bottling.

Aging: 6 months in qvevri followed by further aging in bottle for 5 years before release


Tasting Notes: The wine has deep golden amber colour (hence often referred to as amber wine) with well-integrated soft tannins and aromas and flavours of ripe apricots and peaches, mandarin canded peel, roasted walnuts, perfumy sundried herbs, toasty and hints of hazelnuts. The wine has a refreshing high acidity and long finish.


Pairing: Delicate meat, cheese, white meat such as chicken or duck, moderately spicy food, oily fish

Potential for aging: at least 8-10 years
Best served decanted for at temperature of 10-14°C.

Mildiani Qvevri Bouquet Mtsvane 2014 Kakheti, Georgia