Gramenon is a little unusual, in that it makes high-end wines from vineyards that bear no more than the lowly appellation of Côtes du Rhône. The domain was set up by Phillipe and Michelle Aubery-Laurent in 1990 and quickly made a reputation for its concentrated, complex wines from very ripe grapes, which come mainly from old vines. Phillipe died in an accident in 1999, but Michelle has continued with the domaine with the assistance of her son, Maxime. The Sierra du Sud, with its bright and exuberant dark fruit core alongside classic Syrah meatiness- is a sommelier favourite and is only available by limited allocations.


Domaine Gramenon, Sierra du Sud 2019 Rhône, France

  • Domaine Gramenon was created in 1978 and basks in MONTBRISON-SUR-LEZ in Drôme provençale, at the bottom of the first pre-Alps foothills, the domain stands at a 350 m altitude in the most northern part of the southern Côtes du Rhône area.