Monique Laroche and her daughter Tessa own a beautiful property and a rare Grand Cru terroir: La Roche aux Moines, on Loire’s river shores. Their domain is now known as one of the famous in Loire Valley. "Le Berceau des Fees", the cradle of the fairies, is a lively and refreshing organic white wine perfect with seafood, salads, and aperitif. It has generous flavours of yellow apple, lemon, white grapefruit, with notes of fresh herb, lemon pith and a juicy succulent finish.


Domaine aux Moines, Le Berceau des Fées 2018 Loire, France

  • Monique Laroche has been making wines at Domaine Aux Moines for three decades, guided by her own determination to produce a Savennières wine that expresses the typical characteristics of the Chenin grape and that also expresses the terroir of Savennières-Roche-Aux-Moines area. She and Tessa’s father used to own a little vineyard in the same area but they did not produce any wine there until the year 1971, which was the year in which Tessa was born. They bought this second estate Domaine Aux Moines in 1981; Tessa explains ”the domaine Aux Moines is purely a women’s affair, it’s just me and my mother, my father is still alive but is not involved at all”.