In southwestern Switzerland, the Valais region lies within the heart of the Swiss Alps, not far from the French and Italian borders. The Valais is known for its dry, continental climate as well as the significant elevation of its mountain slopes, both of which make it a perfect environment for growing grapes. The Valais is the largest wine-producing region in Switzerland, although better known to outsiders for its snow, world-class ski resorts, and beautiful natural landscape. It is also aptly called “the Valley of the Sun” given its abundance of sunshine year-round. The vineyards of the Valais typically face south, and the dry autumn weather is ideal for maturing all types of grape varieties. The high elevation provides cold nights and large diurnal shifts that help to build solid acidity levels and give freshness and crispness to the wines.

The tradition of viticulture and winemaking in the Valais dates back many centuries and continues to remain a way of life for the Valaisans. Vineyards blanket the majority of hillsides surrounding the region’s towns, and many families own their own small plots that they cultivate each year. The Valais is known as some of the most fertile ground in Switzerland for growing all of its indigenous grapes as well as a number of international varieties, including Pinot Noir, which thrives in this terroir.


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Avalanche Pinot Noir 2018 Switzerland

  • Grape: 100% Pinot Noir

    Vintage: 2018

    Alcohol: 13%​

    Name of Producer:

    Caves du Paradis/ Olivier Roten

    Name of Wine: 

    Avalanche Pinot Noir


    Olivier Roten


    Coteaux Sierre & Salquenen, Valais, Switzerland 

    ​Service temperature:


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