Ancient Wines Collection Contains 1 bottle of:


  • Chateau Musar White 2012 Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

Blend of ancient white grapes Obaideh and Merwah


  • Idaia Winery 'Ocean' 2019 Dafnes, Crete

Made from indigenous white grape variety of Thrapshathiri


  • Voskevaz Areni Noir 2017 Armenia

Made from red grape Areni Noir


  • Havlabari Cellars Saperavi 2018 Kakheti, Georgia

Made from red grapeSaperavi

Ancient Wines Collection

  • When we refer to the classic wine regions it's the established 'old world' countries like France, Italy, and Spain that are considered the starting point for wine. They are firmly established and respected as the reference for almost any wine style, and certainly where most wine courses begin.


    However if you zoom out and look at the big picture of winemaking throughout human history these are merely the new kids on the block because before them ancient wine regions have been making wine for thousands of years, and in many cases continue to do so. 

    The cradle of winemaking is a hotly contested crown but the country most commonly acknowledged to wear this honour is Georgia. There is ample evidence from carbon dating and molecular analysis of ancient pottery to show wine was being made over 8,000 years ago using clay vessels for storage, ageing, and transporting. 

    The practice spread throughout the Caucasus, as did the planting of Vitis Vinifera vines. 

    Armenia, Turkey, Greece, Lebanon all have evidence of ancient winemaking from the oldest wine presses ever discovered dotted all around Crete, and fired clay pots with remnants of tartaric acid from grape-based wine discovered in Neolithic villages in Georgia . 

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