Friday Night Wine School

Study with me for the Masters of Wine Exam...

Whether you've just found yourself homeschooling till end of February or working from home, or juggling both, or neither, but with a stricter set of restrictions, either way we're in for a long and frosty winter without much fun in sight.

My current dilemma is having to swap Netflix for study books as I prepare for a week of exams that are (currently still) set for 7-10 June 2021.

Some of you know I am in the second stage of the Masters of Wine programme. It’s the highest level wine qualification out there with a terrifyingly low pass rate. The stage-two exam comprises theory and practical tests set over four full days. At this point in the year anyone who’s seriously considering to sit the exams would expect to be studying a solid 15-20 hours a week, attending daily trade tastings in the city, participating in boot camps and taking mock exams every weekend for the next 20 weeks.

So, pandemic or not, I wouldn't be expecting much of a social life anyway right about now. However the restrictions have eliminated any chance to get out there and taste widely which is imperative before facing 36 blind wines in June.

Come along for the ride

Many of my wine club subscribers and customers are wine geeks at heart and at various points in their wine journey and genuinely want to learn more. As I move through my own MW syllabus and examine topics relating to winemaking, quality assessment, commercial appeal, and style while tasting through the major grapes and origins.. why not crack open the same wines as me and tune in to learn about them?

Personally I find the best way for me to learn is to teach.. if I can explain it, I must know it, so if I need to know it then I’d better figure out how I’d teach it.

Note: I’m not promising to teach you to become a Master of Wine. That is a lifelong commitment and requires a solid foundation of wine knowledge from WSET, as well as being in the actual Institute of Masters of Wine programme. What I can promise is a chance to take your wine journey to the next level and have fun from home!

The Set-up

Order your wines by Tuesday, tune in via Zoom on Friday 8:30pm to taste and discuss.

You will receive 2–4 wines + an MW style exam question that we will discuss in the call.

Study Schedule

January – Dissecting a first-year exam (I’ve passed this stage, but it's a good overview of what it's like)

January 8: Wines 1-3 all come from the same country.

January 15: Wines 4-6 are all made from the same single grape variety but come from three different countries.

January 22: Wines 7-10 are made from grape varieties associated with Bordeaux. Each wine is from a different country and from a different single or predominant (minimum 90%) grape variety.

January 29: Wines 11-12 are from different countries.

February – Second Year Exam Questions: Paper 1 (All White) – this is what I’ll be taking 7 June 2021

March –Second Year Exam Questions: Paper 2 (All Red) I’ll be taking in 8 June 2021

April – Second Year Exam Questions: Paper 3 (Mixed- Rosé, Sparkling, Fortified, Sweet) I’ll be taking in 9 June 2021

Prices per session

Prices will vary according to the number of wines and their costs that week.

1. I will send out a reminder on Mondays.

2. Reply YES if you would like to participate.

3. I will send a Paypal link for payment to book your spot by Tuesday midday

4. You will receive the wines by Friday morning along with the link to log on to our discussion that evening at 8:30pm.

5. Hey, suddenly you're in a Friday night wine school and lockdown doesn't look so bad after all

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