Olivier Roten, Heida Paien 2019

Valais, Switzerland

Brilliant pale lemon hue 

Delicate fruit and saline sea aromas 

Rich and charming palate beautifully balanced by a crisp finish

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About the Producer

 The Caves du Paradis in Sierre, Switzerland,

was founded by Alex Roten in 1959.

Today, Alex’s grandson, Olivier, runs the winery and oversees the family’s prime vineyard land in the prized areas of Miège, Sierre, and Salgesch in the Valais, Switzerland’s most respected wine-growing region.

Among the twenty or so wines

produced at the Caves du Paradis are the exceptional Pinot Noir from Salgesch and the Cuvée Mélèze, a unique blend of white wines matured in large wood barrels.


The family embraces innovation while at the

same time upholding local traditions and preserving the natural environment. Olivier Roten is in the midst of transferring all of the family’s vineyard lands to certified organic farming. His focus is on quality and ensuring that his family’s wines represent the purest expression of the unique Valaisan terroir.

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  • Grapes

    100% Savagnin Blanc (Called Heida or Paien in Valais)


    Savagnin Blanc - not to be confused with Sauvignon Blanc - is a very old white grape variety originating from the vast region covering the north-east of France and the south-east of Germany. also known under the name of Traminer, which has many natural offsprings, such as Sylvaner (Johannisberg in Valais), Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc and Grüner Veltliner, to name a few. In Switzerland, it is recorded for the first time in 1586 in Haut Valais under the name Heida, a very old appellation translated as Païen (pagan) in Bas Valais, in reference to ancient times, before Christianity. Its cultivation is constantly increasing as Heida or Païen is a highly structured wine, with notes of citrus and exotic fruits, and great potential for ageing.

  • Region

    Sierre, Valais, Switzerland


    The Valais is situated in the heart of the Alps and benefits from a unique Alpine climate with continental influences, which include cool nights, warm days as well as cold winters and warm summers. These daily and seasonal temperature shifts help create an ideal climatic environment for what we deem ‘perfect grape maturation’ with ripe fruit and balanced acidity. 


    The township of Sierre and its surrounding growing region is known for its poor, rocky and calcareous or limestone soil, which along with the extremely dry nature of the region, contributes to the overall quality of the grapes and our ability to make incredibly well-balanced wines that with little to no human intervention that are characterized by their subtlety and finesse. 

  • Viticulture



    The « Coteaux » or lower mountain slopes that make up the Valais wine growing region are for the most part south-facing which means that they benefit from decent exposure throughout day-light hours.


    While the steep incline of the slopes make it extremely challenging to work in the vineyards, they force all of the vignerons to work strictly by hand, as machines are not able to navigate the intensity of the steep hillside slopes.


    Meticulous care along with much time and precision is taken by the Vignerons in the Valais in order to make extremely high quality grapes from this Alpine terrain.


  • Vinification

    The Roten Family has been making wine for three generations in honouring the local climate and terroir with the purity and freshness of their mountain roots.


    They focus on making wines with native indigenous grape varieties while respecting nature and all of its elements as much as possible.


    The winery has been in Organic conversion certification since 2019 and otherwise experiment with both new, innovative as well as more traditional winemaking techniques in the cellar, to make the best wines humanly possible from their beloved region. 

    This wine is vinified in concrete tanks and does not undergo malolactic fermentation.

    It typically always has an underpinning of acidity and vivacity and can be consumed young or with a few years of cellar aging.

  • Wine Spec

    Vintage: 2019

    Alcohol: 13.8%

    Name of Producer:

    Olivier Roten

    Name of Wine:

    Heida Paien



    Olivier Roten


    Coteaux de Sierre, Valais, Switzerland 

    Service temperature:


Asparragus Risotto

Wine & Food Matching Ideas

Fresh seafood

Grilled white fish

Cheese board




Try it with

Baked sea bass with raisins, preserved lemons & ginger 


Diana Henry

This wine is very drinkable on its own, as an aperitif, but also proves very food friendly thanks to its bright freshness and nuanced fruit flavours. There's depth to it and a long finish. It should be paired with an equally fine dish such as this sea bass recipe - that is delicate but also aromatic and flavourful. 


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