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October Wine Box

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Old Vines

Wines rich in heritage and flavour

What constitutes an old vine varies from region to variety. While there is no universal benchmark for how old a vine must be to be considered 'old vine' or 'vielles vignes, there is a general acceptance that over 30-35 years+ (when commercial vines have fulfilled their duties) starts to creep into old vine territory. 


But what's so special about old vines anyway? Their naturally lower yields, and conversely higher concentration is often cited as key reason why they are capable of making exceptional wines. There are cultural reasons too, like the preservation of heritage and traditions, as well as environmental (their deeper roots are said to be more resistant to drought and climate change conditions). Their scarcity is another aspect which adds to the mystique and rareness of the wines they produce. 

Join us for a virtual wine chat with Master of Wine Sarah Abbott on Thursday 14th October 2021. She is one of the leading experts on old vines and will help us dig deeper into the importance of old vines.

A Los Viñateros Bravos, Las Curvas 2019

Medium body, with fragrant savoury and earthy aromas and exceptional intensity.

Mullineux Signature, Old Vines White Blend 2019

Deep, honeyed fruit with a vivacious freshness.

Alfredo Maestro, Lovamor Albillo 2020

A peachy, tangy, light orange wine that is very food friendly.

Clos du Gravillas, Lo Vièlh 2018

A powerful and peppery red with savoury undertones.

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