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Pannobile Group

The Power of Community

Pannobile, a combination of “Pannonian” and “nobility,” is a group of nine wineries in the northern Burgenland village of Gols,in Burgenland. They share a strong passion for making authentic wine that reflects their region’s terroir and celebrates their local grape varieties.


The association was founded in 1994, and remains purposefully small. The member winegrowers meet regularly for an exchange of opinions and share their experiences with one other. Together they have undergone the arduous process of converting to biodynamics, they continue to pool their expertise to practice minimal intervention in the winery, and promote their small and exceptional wine production around the world resulting in critics referring to them as “the New Old World” and sommeliers chasing their latest releases for top restaurants.


The name Pannobile is a composition. The area is part of the Pannonian lowlands, hence the first part of the name. Nobile refers to noble, referring to their commitment to high quality, origin-related produce and terroir-driven wines. The November box includes four of the Pannobile members: Judith Beck (who’s incredible wines have already appeared in April and July boxes), Heinrich, Pittnauer, and Rennersistas. How can you tell if you are drinking a wine made by a Pannobile member? Check the back label which will have a finger print and the words “Member of Pannobile” beside it. 


Join us for a virtual wine chat with Stefanie Renner, of the Rennersistas, on Thursday 14th November 2021. We will hear about her experience being part of the Pannobile group, how she got started in wine production, and what inspires her and her family to make such unconventional wines.

Heinrich, Naked White 2020

Light bodied, tangy fresh, dry white and savoury finish.

Pittnauer, Blaufränkisch Heideboden 2017

Fragrant raspberries, sour red cherries, and earth

Judith Beck Weissburgunder 2020

A stylish dry white with layers of stone fruit, citrus and minerality.

Pittnauer, Pitt Natt Rosé Sparkling 2020

Gently sparkling with a bracing crisp acidity

Judith Beck Zweigelt 2019

Ripe red with spicy undertones and long tingling finish.

Rennersistas Gewurz 2020

Complex and aromatic skin-contact wine with layers of fruit, spice and firm tannins.

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