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Dakishvili Pet Nat 2020

A dry, lightly-sparkling wine made in the ancestral method exhibiting bright pear and mango with touch of lemon pith and savoury finish.


Kakheti, Georgia





Producer Profile

Giorgi (Gogi) Dakishvili is one of the most respected and influential winemakers of Georgia. A skilled enologist, he combines technical excellent with intuitive creativity. His is a leading expert on the science and art of winemaking in Qvevri, and shares his knowledge freely with the new generation of vignerons returning to this ancient method. He is a passionate advocate of the power of Qvevri to make pristine, long-lived, pure and elegantly balanced wines, although he stresses that they demand close attention from their maker. Dakishvili Vineyards is Gogi’s family estate in the cool and premium sub zone of Kondoli, Kakheti. Gogi and his son Temuri (also a talented winemaker and consultant) make Saperavi, Rkatsiteli and Kisi from sustainably grown estate grapes. Wines are aged in both barrel and Qvevri, under the Vita Vinea and Orgo labels. Refined, textured, complex and distinctive, they are to be found in the best restaurants of Tbilisi, and London, and are some of Georgia’s finest vinous ambassadors.


Kisi is indigenous to Kakheti. Notwithstanding the high quality of wine it can produce, it became almost extinct by the 2000, a result of the Soviet preference for Rkatsiteli and the decline of Georgian vineyard land following the Soviet collapse. Further, it is bit trickier to grow. Fortunately, some 50-60 year old vines still exist in the Telavi district, with more being planted.


Kakheti is the most important wine region in Georgia in quantitative, qualitative and even historic terms. Almost three-quarters of the country's wine grapes are grown here, on land that has been used for viticulture for thousands of years. Viniculturally speaking, the area is unofficially divided into several sub-regions, and even a number of microregions. This creates a huge variety of mesoclimates for viticulture with an equally large variety of grape varieties found throughout. The most significant of these center around the villages of Tsinandali, Telavi, Gurajaani, Kvareli, Sagarejo and Sighnahi, which dot the banks of the Alazani River as it flows from the Caucasus Mountains to the Mingecevir reservoir in western Azerbaijan.


Made from an Kisi which is an old Georgian variety that almost became extinct, there are very few plantings today so pretty rare.
-All the fruit is sourced from 1 hectare vineyard from 70 year old vines!
-soils are a mix of clay and limestone
- 100 % hand harvested


Traditional winemaking style, no sugar or yeast is added. Fermented until almost dry then chilled to 5 degree to slow down the ferment. It is then bottled to preserve the natural CO2. Although it seems sweet, it only has 2 grams of residual sugar (unfermented sugar)

Food matching ideas:

Apéro, salads, cheese

Try it with:

Imeruli khachapuri
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