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Mother's Wines

Beautiful wines made by mother-child teams

One of the greatest pleasures of family relationships is a chance to share in a passion, hobby, or interest with a loved one. While family wine producers are not a novel concept in the wine world, it is often the father who leads the way in winemaking while the rest of the family fulfils the supporting roles. However, there are several inspirational examples around the world of iconic mother-child winemaking teams that not only share a love of wine, but also a philosophy in producing authentic and outstanding wine. 

On Wednesday 24th March members are invited to join a Virtual Wine Tasting to learn more about the wines in their box.


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March Box

Susana Balbo Signature White Blend 2020

An aromatic wine with floral and citrus notes that are combined with hints of fresh grass, white fruits and orange.

March Box

Domaine aux Moines, Le Berceau des Fées 2018

Floral, incredibly fresh and zippy

March Box

Ronco delle Betulle Cabernet Franc 2017

Brilliant cool climate red with great balance.

Carte Blanche

Domaine aux Moines, Savennières Roche Aux Moines 2017

Floral nose with honey and acacia

March Box

Domaine Gramenon, Sierra du Sud 2019

Cassis mingled with tapenade, Provençal herbs, minerals and flowers.

Carte Blanche

Domaine Gramenon, La Sagesse 2018

Full and dense, offering fruit flavours and a long, powerful finish.


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