La Garagista, Vinu Jancu 2017

Hazy golden orange

Dry, dazzling bright freshness, gorgeously soft grip, and multifaceted palate of flavours and long finish. Wine discovery of the summer for me!

Simply intoxicating with layers of wild dried herbs, mirabelles, bergamot and cider

La Garista - 2017-04-12 16.56.50.jpg

About the Producer

Remarkable naturally made wines from a biodynamic farm in Vermont, USA

La Garagista farm and winery began in 2010. They farm three parcels of co-planted, alpine varietals that are horticultural crosses of vinifera and native riparia and labrusca vines. They are practicing biodynamic and also pull from organic and permaculture concepts. The home farm and vineyard is situated in the Chateauguay, a protected forest in Barnard, Vermont (16oo feet) where they also grow vegetables and raise some livestock for their restaurant. In the vineyard they plant vegetables between the vines focusing on root vegetables, escaroles, chicories and flowers, all things that aid the soils in this parcel. The other two parcels are in the Champlain Valley (184/194 feet) and are close to Lake Champlain. No-till and natural field cover crops are part of the farming at these two vineyards, encouraging the flora and fauna particular to each microclimate.

  • Grapes

    100% La Crescent



    La Crescent is a white skin grape descendent from Muscat d’Ambourg

    The white wine grapes are treated like red grapes: the juice ferments on the grape skins and remain sur lie long afterward, taking on more color (hence the orange), tannin, texture, and aromatics.



  • Region


    Vergennes, Champlain Valley, Vermont

    Right on Lake Champlain. Only a tree-lined hedgerow between vineyards and water, the vineyard benefits from full sun.

    The soil is composed of clay and limestone, favouring the clay the vineyard is a flat meadow, 186 feet above sea level.

  • Viticulture

    Organic and Biodynamic

    High trellis, double-arm guyot farmed biodynamically with a focus on natural field cover and soil development.


    This vineyard is self-regulating due to the abundance of clay in the first three feet of soil.


    There is very little management of the canopy during the season.

  • Vinification

    • Hand-picked and hand-sorted, this honest, unfiltered wine was crushed traditionally and fermented on native yeast at our cantina, and remained sur lie for the winter in glass demijohns.

    • This style has a deep nobility with a long history in the Eurasian production areas of Armenia & Georgia, but also found in Italy, Sicily, and other alpine areas of Europe. 

  • Wine Spec

    Vintage: 2017

    Alcohol: 12.5%

    Name of Producer:

    La Garagista

    Name of Wine:

    Vinu Jancu


    Vermont, USA 


     Organic Biodynamic


    Vinu Jancu is an old Sicilian name for white wines made in an orange wine manner.



Wine & Food Matching Ideas


Aged and Soft rind Cheese

Beef Carpaccio 

Seafood with delicate spice

Screenshot 2020-07-15 at 17.58.16.png

Recipe to try

Spiced Tuna Kebabs by Rhadika

Linked to a video recipe below

These are absolutely delicious! Radhika has prepared them for one of my previous wine dinners and they were a hit! I have made them myself a few times too (they are very simple to prepare) and the warming spice and light texture works very well with this particular orange wine.


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