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Sarris Robola of Kefalonia 2020

Pale lemon color and elegant aromas of pear, green apple, lime, citron, lemon peel, and lemongrass, while a wonderful mineral feeling of wet flint stone gives it a unique character. Medium to full body, intense, concentrated, with sharp, refreshing acidity.


Cephalonia, Ionian Islands, Greece


100% Robola



Producer Profile

Panos Sarris worked in restaurants in Athens before returning to Kefalonia to set up his own place. His interest in wine grew, he studied and travelled, became a Master Sommelier in 2008, and made his first wine in 2012. Sarris Winery is located in the south-west part of Kefalonia. He farms just over two acres of Robola, a white grape that is native to the island, where it thrives on the poor stony limestone soils. Panos works with 60 year old, ungrafted vineyards in Panochori, which he inherited from his wife's family, and younger plantings in Fagias. This is in an area of picturesque villages, olive and orange groves, as well as vineyards in terraces below a forest of black pine. The well drained terraces on the steep slopes of Mount Enos receive intense sunshine throughout the year, but are cooled by sea breezes and the forest above. The combination of altitude and sea breezes give wines that are aromatic, fresh and mineral with an underlying Mediterranean character.


Robola - The variety’s Italian-sounding name, together with its cultivation in the Ionian Islands located close to Italy, have led some to claim that the Robola grape variety is actually the same with the Ribolla Gialla variety cultivated in northeastern Italy. Whatever the case may be, striking differences between the two do exist, rendering Robola a truly unique and highly promising variety both in terms of morphology and taste. If properly cultivated and vinified, the grapes of Robola reward the effort in the best way imaginable, yielding dry white wines of refined character and expressing beautifully their terroir of origin. he variety is mainly planted in Central Greece and the Ionian Islands. Among the Ionian Islands, Kefallonia is more widely known for the cultivation of Robola where the variety yields the PDO Robola of Cephalonia wines. Despite its vulnerable character, which requires barren, preferably mountain terrain, the variety is exceptionally productive to the point where restricting yields has become necessary in seeking to obtain a good Robola wine.


Vineyards are located in “Panochori” and “Fagias” area, covering 2,2 acres planted in early 1980s and consisting entirely from Robola vines, an indigenous variety that is grown exclusively on the island


Sarris Robola of Kefalonia is made exclusively with grapes from our vineyard in the area of Fagias. The vineyard is located in the slopes of Ainos at an altitude of 500 to 700 m and yields less than 300 kg/acre.


After destemming and crashing the grapes, soft pressing and static sedimentation, fermentation in stainless steel vats at 18⁰C, maturation of 6 months.

Food matching ideas:

Fried fish, grilled sardines, anchovies on toast, Greek salad, cold vegetarian dips and pita

Try it with:

A classic Kefalonian dish: fried cod in butter with garlic mashed potaoes
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