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July Box

French Village
French Village Wines



The inspiration for the July box is capturing the joie de vivre of holidaying in the south of France; market days, picnics, long lunches with friends, bbqs by the lake, or lazy salty days by the beach. These are not serious and sophisticated wines to be savoured on special occasions in your best glassware, instead they make the occasion special with their charming, youthful, and fun flavours and will be just as tasty in a simple tumbler.


In France they are affectionately known as ‘glouglou’ wines which basically describes wines that are very drinkable, like ‘vin de soif’ which are thirst-quenching wines. The term is onomatopoeic, imitative of both the sound of wine leaving the bottleneck and of the rapid gulping of said wine. It helps that they are naturally lower in alcohol, lighter in body, usually fresh, with a vibrant fruit intensity and the reds are low in tannins making them ideal for chilling. 


Don’t mistake these for cheap and cheerful supermarket wines though. The producers of these wines are passionate about organics, biodynamics, and low-intervention winemaking meaning they work hard in the vineyards to avoid relying on synthetic sprays. The quality of their fruit is so good that they don’t put any additives during winemaking and only the most miniscule amount of Sulfur, or none at all. 


These winemakers have all labelled their wines Vin de France, meaning they don’t follow the rules of their local appellation – and choose to create their own style of wine that best expresses their terroir and personality. Santé!

Domaine Jeandaugé, Franche Lippée 2021

Vibrant and juicy red cherry

Mas des Caprices, Avis d’Blanc Frais 2020

Lemon water on the beach

Domaine Les Hautes Terres, Autres Terres 2020

Silky with crisp green fruit

Mas des Caprices, Rouge à Siroter (R.A.S.) 2020

Light-body, chilled red

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