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Lo Fi Gamay Noir 2021

A bright and fruity Gamay – equivalent of cru level Beaujolais – but with a California twist– ripe fruit, smooth tannins, and vibrant finish.


Santa Barbara, California, USA


100% Gamay



Producer Profile

Lo-Fi is a partnership between two lifelong friends who believe in hand crafted honest wines that are made for every day drinking. Wines to be enjoyed not to be collected. Easy drinking lower alcohol wines made to pair well with all types of foods, from pizza to paté.


Santa Barbara county is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to its south and west, with the region's topography consisting primarily of coastal hills and river valleys. Overall Santa Barbara County has a coastal climate with a long growing season, allowing the grapes extended hang time to develop mature flavors and a much-valued balance of sugars and acids. This is something of a luxury at such low latitudes (34.5 degrees north) and allows the county's winemakers to make relatively balanced wines, unaffected by the high alcohol content associated with warmer climates. The cool climate also results in higher acidity, balancing the mature flavors of the grapes and increasing their aging potential. Low rainfall also reduces the risk of the fruit spoiling and allows ripening to full potential.


Gamay's homeland is Beaujolais. It arrived there (most likely from Germany) in the 14th Century and initially received an unenthusiastic welcome. The ruling dukes of Burgundy even tried to outlaw the variety, distrustful of its unfamiliar taste and texture. Gamay was resigned to the granite-based soils in the hills just north of Lyon, a terroir that it was much better suited to anyway. Some true Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc is planted in California, with the best examples coming from cooler regions at higher altitudes. A number of other New World countries also have some plantings, including Canada and New Zealand.


Hand harvested and sustainably grown; 75% de-stemmed, pumped-over once daily in an open top tank, after which the top was again sealed and the fermenter was gassed. Fermented on the native yeasts, followed by full malolactic by naturally occurring bacteria. The wine was fermented for ten days then pressed to tank, settled, then racked to barrel the following day. Racked twice prior to bottling. Total of 25 ppm so2 added without filtration in keeping with our minimalist (lo-fi) philosophy.


We believe in neutral barrels, native yeasts, little to no sulfur additions, and no adjustment of pH. We love whole cluster fermentation. We adore carbonic maceration . We embrace a nothing added, nothing taken away philosophy that gives birth to wines that are young, vibrant and alive.

Food matching ideas:

Pizza, pasta, chacuterie board, duck confit

Try it with:

Jamie Oliver's Sizzling steak burritos
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