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Nasciri, Greco Bianco 2019 Calabria, Italy

Pale amber colour with golden reflections. The aroma is complex and enveloping but at the same time mineral and fresh thanks to a dose of balanced acidity.




Producer Profile

Nasciri is run by Domenico and Francesca. The project began and continues on land owned by Domenico’s family, the aim simple: to regenerate the land, allowing spontaneous life and nature centre stage. Nasciri in Calabrian dialect means born and this perfectly captures Nasiciri’s efforts to ensure the old farmland’s rebirth. Nasciri are organically certified, they also follow biodynamic practices, with pruning, decanting and bottling undertaken when the moon is on the wane. Work is hands-on; Domenico and Francesca (along with collaborators Jaswinder and Gurtej) oversee all work starting in the vineyard, through to vinification, bottling and the final presentation of the wines.

Calabria, Italy
100% Greco Bianco


The Greco di Bianco wine's amber color comes from the high levels of phenolic development in the overripe grapes. Luscious, rich and velvety in texture, it exhibits an aromatic bouquet reminiscent of orange flowers, citrus fruit and underlying herbal notes that become more accentuated with age. The "Bianco" of the title does not actually refer to the wine or grape color. The Greco di Bianco viticultural area covers the hills above the coastal town of Bianco, a popular tourist resort on Calabria's Ionian coast.


Nasciri is in the south of Italy, in Calabria and it is 3 minutes by car from the historic centre of Gerace, a small village in the province of Reggio Calabria. We are in the country area and we have a wonderful view of the sea and of the mountains at the same time. In fact, Nasciri is a 15-minute drive from the sea and a 20-minute drive from the mountains. For those of you who are not familiar with Calabria, Calabria is a region that has very different microclimates (such as sea and mountains) a short distance apart and this is typical of the area and very interesting to experience. Another thing is that we have sun almost all year round, which gives us a mild climate with winters that are not too cold. Thanks to this fact our countryside is nearly always green (except in August because the intense heat gives little opportunity for the vegetation to flourish) and there are often flowers even in winter.


Low rainfall. Hot days, followed by cool nights. Persistent winds, with both rising breeze (from the sea to the mountains) and falling breeze (from the mountain to the sea). Mainly clay soils. Good (North-East) Exposure to the sun: more or less all day. 200m above sea level, approximately 6 km from the sea, and 10 km from the mountains.


• Manual harvested
• Destemmed bunch
• Indigenous yeast
• Temperature controlled fermentation.
• Stainless steel vat used for fermentation and maturation
• Spontaneous malolactic
• No filtration or Fining
• Minimal use of sulphur, only when strictly necessary"

Food matching ideas:

Young cheeses, lighter meat courses, fish, or vegetable dishes.

Try it with:

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