Domaine Bruno Lupin 2018 Roussette de Savoie Cru Frangy, Savoie, France

Pale lemon

Juicy pear, gingerbread, spice and honey notes

Soft, mellow and off-dry, with a fabulous spike of acidity

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About the Producer

Bruno Lupin is a winemaker with extensive experience. 

His tiny domain in Savoie has risen to become a reference point for exceptional white wine in France’s Alpine Savoie region.

Located in the department of Haute-Savoie, Frangy is a picturesque town dominated by tall Alpine peaks. Bruno’s grandfather started the family’s commercial wine business, selling his bottles in Switzerland. Bruno's sister runs a country inn directly adjacent to the winery. Here the locals gather for a coffee, a glass of wine, or traditional lunch of cheese-based local specialties, including their famous fondue. The lives of the Lupin family are completely woven into the fabric of Frangy.

After his studies in Beaune (Burgundy), Bruno decided take a job as chief winemaker at the Cave de Genève, a very large cooperative in Switzerland. Eventually, Bruno tired of making wines for volume rather than quality and returned to his family estate. Where he now makes just two iconic wines: Frangy and Cuvée du Pépé.

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  • Grapes

    100% Altesse


    Altesse is a white grape variety most famous for its role in the dry white wines from Savoie in far eastern France. It is one of the region's most highly valued grape varieties, as it makes full-bodied, concentrated wines with floral, nutty characters and good acidity. The best examples of Altesse wines come under the Roussette de Savoie and Roussette du Bugey appellations, Roussette being a common synonym for the variety.

    Altesse is late to ripen, and the reddish tinge the berries take on prior to harvest has provided the variety's chief synonym, Roussette ("reddish" in French).

    The variety suits the mountainous terroir around the western Alps in Savoie, and retains a high level of acidity while developing characteristic flavors of bergamot, hazelnut and almond.

  • Region

    Frangy, Haute-Savoie, Jura


    Frangy lies outside of the main production area of Savoie, in the valley of a river called Les Usses.


    Rather than producing light, quaffable wines made with jacquère, as is the custom in the majority of Savoie, the vineyards in Frangy are predominantly planted with an indigenous grape called Altesse, or Roussette.



    It has the special status of cru de Savoie, one of four villages allowed the right to the Roussette de Savoie appellation with the village name. Within Frangy, Lupin’s vineyards all lie on a hillside called Les Aricoques. This slope is fully south-facing, protected from the harsh northerly winds. It captures the sun’s warmth so well, in fact, that in a small thicket of brush and chestnut in the middle of the hill, cicadas sing in the summer months.

  • Viticulture

    Sustainable/lutte raisonnée

    As with many of the producers in this region, Bruno follows the ‘lutte raisonnée’ method of viticulture. This involves the minimal use of chemicals, low yields and the hand harvesting of all grapes.


    All of his work on the steep Frangy slopes is done by hand.

    Bruno’s skills as a vigneron are so renowned locally that he was asked to head a new regeneration project, Vignes du Lac, on the banks of Lake Annecy. 



  • Vinification

    ​In the winery, Bruno is hands-off with minimal intervention.


    Indigenous yeasts start the fermentation, and sulfur levels are kept to the bare minimum.


    Temperature controlled fermentation at 18-20C

  • Wine Spec

    Vintage: 2018

    Alcohol: 12.5%

    Name of Producer:

    Domaine Bruno Lupin

    Name of Wine:

    Roussette de Savoie Cru Frangy



    Bruno Lupin


    Frangy, Haute-Savoie

    Service temperature:



Wine & Food Matching Ideas

Lemon & garlic roast chicken


Veal escalope

Grilled fish

Cheese board

Thai curry

Dim sum

Sole Meuniere.png

Try it with

Sole meunière

This classic dish highlights the simple pleasures of fresh fish, butter, lemon, and parsley and works beautifully with the freshness of the Frangy! The wine and food are both fairly light in body but full of flavour. The salty butter and capers are complimented by the wine's fresh fruit and vibrant acidity.


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