Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

What is Mummy Wine Club?

In short, Mummy Wine Club is a wine company specialising in educational and entertaining wine tastings, and offers a monthly wine subscription delivered to your door. There is a longer answer as well, and it can better undestood by reading the About section in the website. Essentially it is a life-long passion for learning about wine, sharing the pleasures of drinking wine in great company, and delving into a wine journey to uncover facination producers and wines. It was founded during my maternity leave and the mummies who joined the journey have helped shape it into what it is today.

What are the benefits of joining the Monthly Wine Subscription Club?

  1. Take the guesswork out of your weekly shop and let a passionate wine expert send you a curated selection.
  2. Broaden your palate and wine knowledge by trying new wines every month that are not found in supermarkets or the high road, but are from smaller more interesting producers.
  3. Support wine producers that are small, family-owned, working in an authentic, organic, sustainable way. By purchasing their wines and learning about lesser known wine regions and grape varieties you can keep the wine world from becoming a homogenized sea of Chardonnay and Merlot.
  4. Convenience of receiving the wines at your door, complete with tasting notes and food matching ideas.
  5. A slow and steady wine education that is not too stuffy or overly technical. With each month you will receive the information about the varieties and regions you will be tasting, and thus slowly building on your understanding of wine.
  6. A community of wine lovers to connect with - virtually and in real life at upcoming wine events.
  7. Once you've tried the wines in your subscription you will be able to repurchase them depending on stock levels with a 10% saving.

Can I amend the frequency of the Wine Subscription Club box?

Yes! Delivery Frequency Options: Every Month or Every Other Month

When is the Monthly Wine Subscription Box delivered?

For rolling subscriptions the deliveries are made in the second week (Mon-Fri) of the month. If you join mid-month depending on stock-levels and your preference you can either receive that month's selections and educational information, or wait till the following month coming up to receive your first box.

Can I choose the wines in my Monthly Wine Subscription Box?

The Monthly Wine Subscription Box will usually contain two whites and two reds, however, expect the occasional seasonal swap in order to include a sparkling, sweet, rosé, orange, or fortified along the way to expand your palate. Of course some people might have a strong preference for reds or whites, and therefore I offer Mostly White and a Mostly Red options as well.

What if I want to stop the subscription?

You can stop your subscription by writing directly to If you are on a monthly delivery (paying £95) for your subscription, then please contact by the 1st of the month that you wish to stop. If you are on a bimonthly delivery frequency (paying £47.50) once the payment for your last delivered case is made the subscription can be stopped.

Isn't £95 per month a bit expensive?

To some wine lovers £95 for 4 wines may feel a little pricey, but I am keen to not compete with existing clubs like naked, laithewaites, virgin, etc. and turn this into a bargain hunt for basic drinkable wine. Instead I want to offer subscribers something really personal: my absolute favourite wines and producers that I've come to love from over 14 years in the industry (studying for the Masters of Wine exam, working as managing editor at The World of Fine Wine, teaching wine courses, and judging international competitions). Before I started this subscription club I was often receiving urgent texts and emails from friends and family asking me to help them choose a wine for a birthday present, a dinner party, or even to put away in their cellar.. mostly they wanted to know about what's truly special. These are the kinds of wines I choose for my monthly wine box. They retail around £18-£30 a bottle; this is the sweet spot for some of the most amazing wine treasures from around the world made in sustainable ways by real people, not by giant corporations. I pack the wines in 100% recyclabe packaging and offer tracked free delivery in mainland UK which I believe makes it a fair price. There is an option for a bimonthly case which means subscribers pay £47.50 per month and receive the wines every other month. I also love the idea of drinking less but drinking better... so if you drink one bottle per week.. make it something really good.