Ermes Pavese, Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle 2018 Valle d'Aosta, Italy

Pale brilliant lemon with green reflections

Delicate floral aromas on the nose, with hints of herbs

Very refreshing and well balanced, with flavours of pears and a touch of white pepper

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About the Producer

 The autonomous Valle d'Aosta or Vallée d'Aoste is the smallest, least populated and most mountainous region of Italy. It is here that in 1999 Ermes Pavese and his wife Milena started making wine under their name in the village of Le Ruine in the commune of Morgex, on the Italian side of the Monte Bianco or Mont Blanc.

Ermes and Milena personally follow the entire process from vineyard to bottling. Their vineyards, five hectares at altitudes that go from 900 to 1,200 metres above sea level, are among the highest in Europe. Prié Blanc is the only variety that is grown and all vines are ungrafted, thanks to high altitudes and sandy soils that prevent the phylloxera louse from completing its life cycle. Globally, the plantings of Prié Blanc amount to less than 40 hectares, most of which are to be found in the communes of Morgex and La Salle. Given the difficulties of growing grapes at such high altitudes in an alpine environment, vintages can be quite variable, particularly in terms of yields. In 2017 Ermes lost 99% of production due to frost in April. Luckily, the 2018 vintage saw production back at normal levels. 

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  • Grapes

    100% Prié Blanc


    Prié blanc is a white Italian wine grape variety that is grown almost exclusively in the Valle d'Aosta DOC of northwest Italy. 


    Ampelographers do not yet know definitively the origins of Prié blanc but evidence shows that it is a very old variety that has been growing in the Valle d'Aosta region of northwest Italy since at least 1691 when it was documented as one of the grapes growing in the commune of Saint-Pierre near the city of Aosta.

    A potential place of origin for Prié blanc is the Valais region of Switzerland where the grape seems to have grandparent relationship to the Swiss wine grape Rouge du Pays through Prié blanc's offspring Mayolet. In Switzerland, one of Prié blanc's primary synonyms is Bernarde which maybe a reference to the Great St Bernard Pass connecting the Valle d'Aosta to Valais which would likely be the path that cuttings of the grapevine would spread from one region to the other. 

  • Region

    Morgex and La Salle, Valle d'Aosta, Italy


    The vineyards for this wine are located in the communes of Morgex and La Salle at the foot of Monte Bianco, on the sunniest slopes of the Dora Baltea river side.


    The vineyards are between 900 to1200 metres above sea level, and are the highest vineyards in Europe.

    Their isolation and altitude naturally protects the vines of Prié Blanc from phylloxera and therefore all vines are ungrafted.


    The soil is mountain sand of granite origin. Vines are trained by the traditional "pergola bassa" method, to protect them from low, nightime temperatures even during the growing season.

  • Viticulture


    After a difficult year in 2017 owing to frost damage, 2018 saw much better weather. Conditions throughout summer were ideal and allowed the grapes to reach full maturity. Quality of fruit was high, despite the berries' being relatively small.

  • Vinification

    Grapes were harvested manually.


    Once in the winery, the whole bunches were gently pressed.


    Fermentation was carried out in stainless-steel vats and lasted for two weeks.


    The wine was kept on the lees for six months with frequent bâtonnage.


    During this time malolactic fermentation was allowed to take place in order to smooth the high acidity levels of Prié Blanc.

  • Wine Spec

    Vintage: 2018

    Alcohol: 13%

    Name of Producer:

    Ermes Pavese

    Name of Wine:

    Blanc de Morgex et de La Salle



    Ermes Pavese


    Morgex et de La Salle, Valle d'Aosta, Italy

    Service temperature:




Wine & Food Matching Ideas




Fish fingers

Fish tacos

Creamy pasta

Winter salads

Fish tacos.png

Try it with

Fish tacos with spicy grape salsa


Carolina Gelen

We've got worlds and flavours colliding in this pairing. As much as I love classic regional wine and food matches, it's also fun to experiment! The spicy grape salsa caught my eye, as well as Carolina's love of zesty flavours. The wine is not as exuberant as the dish, but it's a perfect companion offering refreshing and fruity flavour in between bites.


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