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Domaine de la Pepière, Clos des Briords 2020

A refreshing and dazzling unoaked white wine with layers of juicy lemon, pear, and earthy mineral notes.


Muscadet, Loire, France


Melon de Bourgogne


Producer Profile

Over the years, Domaine de la Pépière has grown by acquiring new plots, carefully chosen for the age of their vines and the quality and originality of their terroirs.
We want our vines to get the best possible care, so our attention to their treatment is foremost in our minds. We believe that the quality of a wine depends entirely on the quality of the grapes it was made with, and our work methods fit our philosophy perfectly. Rémi joined the estate in 2007, and actively worked on the organic conversion of the vines. Gwénaëlle, who came in 2013, has pushed things further with a shift towards bio-dynamic viticulture.
It is the complexity of the terroirs of Sèvre et Maine that guides our choices. We are happy to share this diversity with you.

12% ABV


Melon de Bourgogne is better known as Muscadet, the name of the wine that it produces. This is the dominant grape of the area around Nantes on the coast of Brittany, where the Loire meets the Atlantic Ocean. Although it was originally a rather neutral wine, Muscadet producers have refined their techniques in order to make wines with their own distinctive attributes. In particular, the wine can be designated as Muscadet Sur Lie, indicating that it has been left on the lees for the winter between fermentation in autumn and bottling in spring. This allows the wine to develop a fuller flavor and a slight carbonation that gives the wine additional freshness.


Right at the edge of Brittany, Domaine de la Pépière is located in the village of Maisdon-sur-Sèvre.The name La Pépière has its root in the word “pépie”, which means thirst. When you walk above the hamlet, on the slopes where vines are planted, it is easy to understand why the place got that name.

Clos des Briords is located on the hillsides of the river Maine. Only 3 hectares of old vines (over 60 years old) are selected for this cuvee.


We have been striving for years to get grapes of the highest quality. We’ve developed a treillissage on three wires in order to achieve the best ripeness possible through more foliage, which enrich the berries in sugar. This technique, along with short pruning, ensure that we don’t have to chaptalize (add sugar to the juice) in the cellar. Fermentation occurs naturally, thanks to the yeast of the grape skins.


Grapes are harvested manually then carried to the wine cellar with much care. The pneumatic press is filled by gravity, the grapes are not crushed. Fermentation naturally takes place in an underground vat, without any yeast and sugar addition, at a temperature of 19°C for about one month. The Sur Lie on the label and bottle indicates the wine was left for 8-9 months on its lees without any racking giving it a silky soft texture and extra complexity.

Food Matching Ideas:

Very versatile wine for fresh seafood. Excellent with sushi, oysters and white fish.

Try it with:

Luxurious Coquilles St Jacques starters

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