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Château Filhot, Sauternes 2010

Aromatic and complex nose of honey, saffron, and pineapple marmalade leading into a luscious and layered sweet wine with balanced freshness and long lingering finish.


Sauternes, Bordeaux, France


Sémillon (60%), Sauvignon (36%) & Muscadelle (4%)


Producer Profile

Château Filhot was founded in 1709 by Romain de Filhot and is now owned and managed by one of his descendants: Henri de Vaucelles. The estate covers an area of 350 hectares with 62 hectares of vineyard all along the south of the Sauternes village in the Sauternes appellation.

14% ABV


Sémillon is a golden-skinned grape used to make dry and sweet white wines, mostly in France and Australia. Its thin skin and susceptibility to botrytis make it dominate the sweet wine region Sauternes AOC and Barsac AOC. Along with Sauvignon blanc and Muscadelle, Sémillon is one of only three approved white wine varieties in the Bordeaux region. Muscadelle is a white wine grape variety. It has a simple aroma of grape juice and raisins like grapes of the Muscat family of grapes, but it is unrelated.


The hillsides face towards the south or the south-west and consist of gravels, clay and sand on a calcareous base. They are bordered by the Landes forest and are crossed by the Ciron River which creates the ideal microclimate for the development of the botrytis cinerea on the grapes.


Use organic & biodynamic methods, but not certified. Hand harvest grapes with multiple passes through vines to collect noble rot berries.


• Manual harvest
• Fermentations in 50 hectolitre temperature-controlled stainless steel vats
• Temperature of fermentation between 19 and 21oC
• Fermentation for 10 to 30 days depending to the grape variety and the concentration
• Light and gentle filtration 10 months after the fermentation (no sterile filtration)
• Blended approximately 14 months after fermentation
• Matured for 2 years in barrel and vats
• Barrels made from oak from the Allier forest of central France, 1/3 new barrels yearly
• Bottling 20 to 24 months after fermentation

Food Matching Ideas:

Foie Gras, scallops, turbot or sole, Roquefort, almond cake or fruit tarts.

Try it with:

A glorious sticky sweet tarte tatin.

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