Dominio del Urogallo, La Fanfarria White 2017

Lemon bright hue

Plenty of texture – a creamy, rounded mouthfeel with silica-like minerality and a savoury, saline finish

Delicate aromas, with subtle hints of almond and white blossom.


About the Producer

From a region well known for cider and dairy, but also home to some fascinating wines and grape varieties

Dominio del Urogallo is a small estate set up on Spain’s northern coast by the pioneer Fran Asencio.  He also makes wine in Bierzo and the Sherry Triangle.  This winemaker has an intense personality, plus a willingness to produce the kind of wines he loves – refined, aromatic and pure.  He has accomplished in Asturias how to respect the symbioses between the soil, the climate and the local grapes.  He cultivates the vineyards on steep slopes following the precepts of biodynamic viticulture on soils made of slate, anthracite and quartz.  He is passionate about this land and its potential in the wine world.  Asturias is intensely defined by monastic tradition, unique grape varieties (red verdejo, carrasquín, albarin…) and prefiloxeric vineyards.

Naranjo de Bulnes one of the most iconic
  • Grapes

    50% Albarino Blanco,

    50% Albillo


    Albarin Blanco is a rare light-skinned grape variety used in northwestern Spain (specifically Castilla y Leon, Asturias and Galicia). Although thought by many to be the same variety as Albarino (Alvarinho), the two similarly named varieties are genetically distinct.


    Albillo is a white wine grape variety grown in northwestern Spain, notably in Galicia. It also grows further to the south and inland towards Madrid, and eastwards in Ribera del Duero where it may also be called Pardina. Although it is, at best, only lightly aromatic, Albillo produces wines with tropical notes and a rich mouthfeel.

  • Region

    Cangas del Narcea, Asturias, Spain


    Climate in Cangas is very peculiar due to its situation, its topography and the distance to the Cantabrico Sea. In general, it could be considered oceanic with continental influence. Winters are very cold, with temperatures going down to -10 o C, and in summer the heat can reach 35oC. The majority of the year is under the influence of the oceanic winds and the northwest – southeast disposition of the Narcea Valley. These factors make the average rain at 700 mm a year, 35% less than the rest of Asturias, June, July and August are quite dry in general. Sun radiation is considerably higher in Cangas due to its orographic situation.

  • Viticulture



    Meticulous attention to all details in the vineyards.


    In the majority of the vineyards one single bud per shoot is left to optimise quality over quantity.


    Vineyards are fertilised only in rare years and always with organic materials.


    Every year, in May or June green pruning is done and some years the bunches from the first flowering are removed.

    Soil is manly composed by slate. The altitude in these vineyards goes from 450m to 750m.

  • Vinification

    • Manual harvested

    • Destemmed

    • Alcoholic fermentation in inox tanks

    • Very soft pressing before fermentation starts

    • Indigenous yeast

    • Controlled ferment

    • Matured in used 600L French oak for six months.

    • Malolactic fermentation in the barrels with fine lees.

    • No filtration

    • No Fining

    • No sulphur used in vinification

  • Wine Spec

    Vintage: 2017

    Alcohol: 13%

    Name of Producer:

    Dominio del Urogallo

    Name of Wine:

    La Fanfarria White



    Francisco Asencio


    Cangas del Narcea, Asturias


    Fanfarría is an Asturian word which colloquially describes someone who is ‘messing’ about all day. The label is a tribute to the regional wine administrators and politicians who tried to inhibit the producer's progress when he first started out with this project 

Seafood Dish

Wine & Food Matching Ideas

Fresh seafood

Greek salad

Grilled prawns

Seafood curry




Try it with

Mussels, white wine & parsley

Very simple and easy recipe that pairs beautifully with this refreshing and delicate wine. 

I love the balance between the food and wine as neither overpowers the other and the saline/seaside aspect get magnified with this wine and food match.


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