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Château de Chambert 2014 Cahors

Dark and intense colour

Ripe black fruit, violets, savoury spice- lovely perfume!

Rounded and smooth with layers of ripe black fruit, mineral and earthy, long finish

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About the Producer

Since 1690, Chambert's Malbec wines have been enjoyed by kings, Russian tzars and French officers in Bordeaux

Château de Chambert lies 30 kilometres west of the town of Cahors, between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.


Owned and run by Philippe Lejeune since 2007, with the additional support of consultant winemaker Stéphane Derenoncourt, the estate has already garnered considerable attention in France and is top critic Michel Bettane’s ‘One to Watch’.


The elegant, modern wines are made from the deep-coloured Malbec variety, which traditionally produced the ‘black wines’ of Cahors.

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Beef Steak

Wine & Food Matching Ideas


Beef Fajitas

Shepherds Pie

Lamb Chops 


Charcuterie & 

Cheese Platter

Lamb Tagine.png

Try it with

Lamb Tagine 

by Felicity Cloake

Cahors Malbec is different from Malbec from Argentina. It's darker, more savoury, and a little brooding compared to its more juicy, rich, and smooth South American cousin. It's a wonderful wine for the autumn months when the seasons change and it becomes chillier, and more cosy and warming food is required. I love the idea of teasing out some of the spice and fruity notes through a fruity and savoury tagine such as this one.
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