Calcarius,Roz 2019 

Vibrant raspberry juice hue

Wow! Burst of pure raspberry and strawberry juice. Very juicy, with the slightest tannic grip and only 10% abv but exploding with flavour, dry and refreshing finish.

Lively red fruit nose

About the Producer

an avant-garde natural wine project from Valentina Passalacqua

Based in Apricena, Gargano National Park - the first mining centre in the south, where limestone is the distinctive element of the terroir. Thanks to the close relationship with her land, Valentina Passalacqua has adopted an organic agronomic approach from the beginning and, following a long period of observation and study, has developed a deep knowledge of the terroir. Valentina, after several years of production, felt the need to isolate some of the plots in their vineyards characterized by exclusively Kimmeridgian calcareous soil. Thus, the Calcarius project was born: terroir driven, mineral wines, tense and uncompromising. Indigenous varieties are bred on the farm which are the result of a historical-cultural contamination that has its roots in Magna Graecia: Nero di Troia, Bombino, Greco, Falanghina, Negroamaro and Aleatico above all. The approach is wisely noninterventionist.

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  • Grapes

    Nero di Troia 50%

    Aleatico 50%

    Nero di Troia is a red grape native to Puglia, and its correct name is Uva di Troia. Following the success of Nero d’Avola in Sicily, the Puglians adopted this nickname.


    Aleatico is a red Italian wine grape variety. It is notable for being the primary grape in the cult wine Aleatico di Portoferraio made in Elba. In Chile is known as Red Moscatel. The grape has also been cultivated at Mudgee in New South Wales and California.  

  • Region


    LOCATION: Apricena, Puglia, Italy

    Climate is typically Mediterranean, characterized by rainfall in winter and spring and by drought in the summer period.

  • Viticulture

    Farmed organically

    Tendone - vines trained high along pergolas

    Valentina Passalacqua oversee a farm comprising 80 hectares of vines, fruit, and vegetables. This project bears the fruits of patient observation, attention to terroir, and a commitment to indigenous varietals. The vineyards are characterised by Kimmeridgian calcareous soils (thus Calcarius) and are true wines of terroir - mineral, tense, and uncompromising. Valentina has been the leading exponent of biodynamics in Puglia since 2000.

  • Vinification

    • Manual harvest

    • Destemmed

    • Indigenous yeast/ ambient ferment

    • Spontaneous fermentation

    • Nature of maturation – stainless steel tanks

    • Wine neither filtered nor fined

    • Small amount of sulphur added at bottling

  • Wine Spec

    Vintage: 2019

    Alcohol: 10%

    Name of Producer:


    Name of Wine:

    Roz Puglia IGP


    Apricena – Puglia - Italy

    Organic Vegan

    The numbers refer to the chemical element calcium (Ca), its atomic number 20, and atomic weight 40.08.

Prosciutto and Melon

Wine & Food Matching Ideas

Perfect as an aperitivo!

Charcuterie & Cheese board

Roasted Vegetables

Summer Salads

Seafood Curry

Prosciutto, Melon, Mozzarella & Basil (pictured)

Peach salad .png

Recipe to try

Five-spice pork belly with peach, raspberry and watercress salad


Yotam Ottolenghi

Originally published in The Guardian on 6 August 2016.

The peach, raspberry and Chinese five spice mirror the multifaceted flavours of this Rose/Light Red wine. And the light body pairs well with white meat.


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