Bodegas Ameztoi, Txakoli de Getaria 2018

Brilliant lemon hue with light fizz 

Zesty, bright acidity, mildly effervescent with a very refreshing crisp palate

Saline, citrusy, savoury seaside and cider aromas

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About the Producer

From vineyards overlooking the Bay of Biscay in Basque country

Bodegas Ameztoi is one of the top producers of Getariako Txakolina. The winery owns 20

hectares of vines overlooking the town of San Sebastian. Ignacio Ameztoi is the seventh generation to carry on the

tradition of making Txakolina.

“In San Sebastián, you wouldn’t believe how much Txakolina is drunk in the month of August alone,” said Ignacio Ameztoi Aranguren, in a profile for The New York Times. “Here in Basque country, they drink it year-round. They drink it with meat, too. That’s the culture.”

 In Basque it is mostly called Txakolina (pronounced chack-oh-LEE-nah), but also referred to as Txakoli (CHACK-oh-lee).


  • Grapes

    100% ​Hondarrabi Zuri


     Hondarrabi Zuri is by far the dominant white variety of Spain's Basque Country, making the region's slightly spritzy Txakoli wines.


      The variety is named for a town in the region named Hondarribia, and the word "Zuri" means white in the Basque language.

  • Region

    Getaria, North Central Spain


    Climate: Atlantic, very damp and hardly propitious for wine growing: 1600mm of rain per year.

    Overlooking the Bay of Biscay, steep terraced slopes, trained high on trellises to expose grapes to sun;

    maritime climate. Alluvial clay soil with sandy topsoil.

  • Viticulture

    Sustainable farming


    The winery grows Hondarrabi Beltza and Hondarrabi Zuri grape varietals on its beautiful vineyard, where the grapes receive a sea breeze that adds to their quality and flavour.


    The winery harvests its grapes by hand between late summer and early fall at just the right state of ripeness to ensure the correct amount of sugar and acidity.

  • Vinification

    • Manual harvested

    • Fermented for 12-15 days in Stainless steel tanks

    • Left on the lees in tightly sealed containers allowing CO2 from fermentation to dissolve to give the slight effervescence in the wine

  • Wine Spec

    Vintage: 2018

    Alcohol: 10.5%

    Name of Producer:

    Bodegas Ameztoi

    Name of Wine:

    Txakoli de Getaria



    Ignacio Ameztoi


    Getaria, Basque


Oysters and Txakoli

Wine & Food Matching Ideas

Fresh Seafood




Fish & Chips

Fried Calamari

Fried Calamari

Try it with

Fried Calamari

Despite the tricky spelling, Txakoli is an extremely easy, carefree, fun, and refreshing style of wine. The slight fizz, low alcohol, and high acidity make it particularly easy-drinking as an aperitif but also easy to pair with a wide variety of tapas. It's normally poured with a bit of drama: at arms length overhead to maximise the bubbles straight into a chilled tumbler. The locals love Txakoli with a plate of fried calamari. If you're willing to try frying your own, Felicity Cloake provides a great recipe.


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