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Filipa Pato Dinâmica, Baga 2020

Distinguished elegant fruit-driven nose with a typical strawberry and damson plum touch, often with nuances of liquorice, slightly spicy (black pepper, laurel, thyme, rosemary,…). On the palate, fruity with a nice beautiful structure and an almost velvety texture with a very fresh and inviting aftertaste.


Bairrada, Portugal





Producer Profile

Filipa Pato and William Wouters is a magical wife and husband collaboration. Our philosophy is simple: create authentic wines without make-up, they express the true nature of the vineyards from which they come. We focus on indigenous grapes only. Baga, Bical, Arinto, Cercial and Maria Gomes create soulful wines from vineyard sites with soils, microclimats and aspect ideal for growing our exquisite wine grapes with biodymanic viticultural practices. In the winery we gently handle the grapes, minimal intervention and strict monitoring of the wine allow our grapes to express themselves fully. Ultimately we create "terroir" wines by uniting knowledge, art and nature to produce "withoutmake-up", each wine with its own character. Filipa Pato - winegrower in Bairrada. A graduate of the University of Coimbra as a Chemical engineer refined her Winemaker skills doing harvests in Bordeaux, France - Mendoza, Argentina and Margaret River, Australia and with her father Luis Pato, the Baga rebel.

Grape Profile

Baga is a dark-skinned grape variety used to make red wines in the central coast of Portugal. It is particularly prevalent in the Bairrada DO in the Beiras region, where Baga vines far outnumber those of any other red wine variety. The degree of clonal diversity found here suggest it is also the grape variety's place of origin. Baga is notable for the thickness of its grape skin in proportion to the size of the small berries. Its name means "berry" or, perhaps more evocatively, "droplet", although neither of these terms capture the tannic, astringent nature of many wines made from Baga grapes.

Region Profile

Bairrada is a flat, coastal region that develops along a maritime coastal strip, with a marked Atlantic influence, with abundant rainfall and mild average temperatures. A low, gently undulating landscape is shaped by the free draining chalky clay soils on which premium Baga thrives (and acquires its signature “smokiness” – a characteristic which has nothing to do with wood). Whites tend to come from lower sandy soils.


Limestone midslopes from the Jurassic inferior with eastern orientation to the sun and a very intense Atlantic influence (we are only 15 km from the ocean). Mainly young vineyards from the massale selection taken from the old centenary vineyards of Baga. Our “D.N.M.C.”philosophy is that Baga from different locations gives a more complex wine. Each location has its own expression of Baga. This for us is a real terroir driven wine and a nice example of Baga with a fruity character and soft tannins. Every plot is vinified apart and at the end we assemble all of them into one balanced unique “cuvée”, “Dinamica” – D.N.M.C.


Fermentation is in stainless-steel tanks, with four weeks on the skins. The wine stays in the tanks until April, and there’s no oak in"uence at all for what they describe as their ‘everyday, easy-drinking red’. Total production is 22,000 bottles. Defnitely very little make-up applied here.

Suggested Food:

A real crowd pleaser, this wine combines excellently with a nice platter of charcuterie, a nice crunchy vegetable salad, grilled fish, grilled white meats and poultry and dry cheeses (Queijo Sao Jorge, Edam, Mimolette). Serve it at 14 - 16° and preferable aerated before serving.

Try it with:

Felicity Cloake’s perfect piri piri chicken

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