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August Box

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New Wave Spanish 

There’s the Spain you know and the Spain you don’t 

Rioja, Cava, sherry… we consider these the three godfathers of Spain that made it an internationally famous wine country. But along with Spanish food, Spanish wine has made a vast leap forward in the last decade. Thanks to the likes of El Bulli – the legendary restaurant turned culinary institute that changed the way people thought about gastronomy– along with the innovative winemakers in all corners of the Iberian peninsula, Spain is transforming into one of Europe’s vinous hotspots. 


According to Michelin Star trends the country leading the world right now is not Japan or France, but Spain. In fact, the epicenter for the best chefs right now is Barcelona. 


Long standing family producers who have always been committed and passionate about the wines they produce are riding this wave. The new generation of children taking over have brought the best of both worlds – combining tradition with innovation. Producing wines that are balanced, focused, energetic, and extremely food friendly. 


I chose the wines in the August box from my own personal experiences with them. Having spent time in these regions myself (Tenerife, Rioja, Basque region, Catalunya) and explored the wines in their natural environments along with the local foods, I selected these for Mummy Wine Club because of how delicious they tasted there, and here.

The wines are all different in style and made from different grape varieties, but one thing they share in common is having a long family heritage while embarking on new projects. Whether it's state-of-the-art technology in the winery, adopting a new classification system (not easy in Spain!), or experimenting with more sustainable viticulture to combat climate change– they are not standing still!

It's high time we take another look at Spain and appreciate the amazing results.


Fresh & fun with slight spritz

Bodegas Ameztoi, 

Txakoli de Getaria, Basque 2018


Volcanic soils, floral notes

Bodega Tajinaste, 

Listán Blanco, 

Tenerife 2018


The new single village Rioja

Dominio de Queirón,

Mi Lugar,

Rioja 2017


Hedonistic, rich & vibrant

Ca N’Estruc L’Equilibrista, Catalunya 2015

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