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August Wine Box

Image by Rodrigo Curi

Portuguese Paradise

Traditional and ‘Old World’ are two concepts which Portuguese wines are renowned for the world over. Indeed, stomping grapes to make wine is still a reality in parts of the Douro as it has been for centuries, though many producers have updated their kit to include automated lagars that replicate the foot-treading process, and made space in their barrel-filled cellars for stainless steel tanks too.


Nowadays, young producers are gaining more confidence from looking outside their own country, and take inspiration from what is in vogue internally, the opportunities are inspiring. It takes courage for these producers to break from the mould and try new techniques, revitalize forgotten vineyards, and reimagine their local varieties.


There is a phenomenal depth of variety: grapes, terroir, climate, tradition, modernity within such a small country. We have barely scratched the surface.


August is a month off for winemakers in Europe as they gear up and gather strength for harvest in September. Therefore, this month the virtual wine chat will be an overview of Portugal and the wines in the box by Victoria Daskal. Tuesday 17th August 8:30pm.

Adega de Monção Vinho Verde Escolha 2020

Light, zippy and fragrant – very energetic and refreshing

Tecedeiras, Lilás, Douro 2019

Rich, spicy and velvety with a long finish.

Anselmo Mendes Magma Verdelho, Azores 2018

A truly unique wine from a volcanic island.

Filipa Pato Dinâmica, Baga 2020

A beautifully fresh and dynamic light red.

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