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Salcuta Rose Wine ENO Tamaioasa de Salcuta 2020

A stylish and elegant Rose Wine, exudes a suite of intense aromas of rose petals, aromatic herbs and white cherries. The aromatic notes are found in flavours as well, with denotable hints of rhubarb followed by a long finish.


Sacuta village, Stefan Voda, Moldova


Muscat Hamburg, Pinot Noir



Producer Profile

Salcuta village has a long connection with wine, first mentioned in 1706 as being in the heart of a valley known for wine. This winery site was originaly developed in 1950, then modernized in 1970. In 1995 the current owners, the Pislaru family, got involved in a joint Belgian-Modovan project. Salcuta was one of the first wineries to understand the need for their own wines and control over the full production cycle, even down to setting up their own vine nursery.


Muscat Hamburg (or Black Muscat) is a red Vitis vinifera grape variety derived from the crossing of the Schiava Grossa and Muscat of Alexandria by Seward Snow, Head Gardener to Earl de Grey at Wrest Park Bedfordshire England in 1850 according to the Vitis International Variety Catalogue


Salcuta, Ștefan Vodă, Moldova - On a picturesque land between two hills, surrounded by willow trees, the village Salcuta was born. Since then, local people have been involved in different types of agricultural activities as the land showed to be generous. Viticulture shortly became one of the main crafts practiced by many households. A wine era has started.

Food matching ideas:

Penang Duck Curry, Sweet and Sticky, Pork Ribs, Persian Saffron Rice, Korma Chicken

Try it with:

Moldovan Flat Bread (Placinte)
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